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If Idaho had swamps, the swamp would be deep, murky, sludge-covered and leave an offensive odor that can't be escaped. For too long we have had crony politicians that have been going to Boise to advocate for what they consider "small businesses." The businesses that the current crony political class in Idaho are advocating for are big businesses by comparison to the mom and pop's business that have been closed down by larger businesses.

The current political class have been advocating for tax breaks and incentives for these large corporate interests, while we who live here have been shut out with no voice in Boise, while the current politicians advocate their own agendas, increase taxes and support those who pay out the most.

The cost of living and housing has continued to skyrocket while the wages remain stagnant. Even the real estate industry has been preying on the consumers as their profits soar.

The crony politicians say they are fighting to lower taxes, but for who? Senator Lee Heider voted to increase vehicle registration costs, increased fuel tax (which is due to go up again with his vote in July 2019 ranking Idaho as the 16th highest fuel tax in the union), and backing the pharmaceutical industry legislation from his chairmanship on the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. All while the brotherhood of the legislature look out for each other instead of their constituency.

We need change and we are not going to find the change we need for a prosperous future with the current stagnant, stinking, crony, old, crusted, dogmatic politicians who prey on the public.

Jay S. Waters III for Senate.

David Leavitt

Twin Falls


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