In 2009 a lengthy community review was done for Gooding. The participation of local citizens was impressive, according to experts. Most were satisfied and happy with the direction and leadership of the city. Many projects were progressing or in the pipeline. As a participant, I am amazed at the progress since then. Changes and progress with police, seniors, downtown, parks, trees and many projects too numerous to mention. Fixing our archaic broken water/irrigation system, that should have been done decades ago, was monumental. At that time, we had a mayor who was amazing; unfortunately, he died in office. Walt Nelson picked up the leadership, with his background as a banker and real estate developer, after years of service on P and Z. Our Council has continued with elected members that work with humility, service and team work.

We have an election upon us with challengers organized by a few disgruntled citizens with an ax to grind. Decorum and civility have been replaced with charges of wrong doing, malfeasance and underhanded deals — all false. The challengers are running as a group to take over the city. They no doubt are good people who have been misled. Most have recently moved here and are welcome, but you don’t gain cooperation by attacking people and implying misdeeds. We have the most beautiful city in the Magic Valley, with volunteers and participants who make us a growing place to live and raise kids. Let’s stay on track to make it better.

Terry Platts