The challengers running for election to the Gooding City Council and mayor positions claim to be running together as a "team" to combat what they perceive as an "us -vs- them" attitude they claim exists with the current city administration. Experience has proven that any entity, city government included, is best served by those with different backgrounds and strengths, who are free to express their own independent ideas and views without allegiance to a team or pre-determined agenda. The current Council and mayor share this philosophy and have been very successful in leading the city of Gooding through complicated and challenging projects, and they pledge to provide the same conservative and well-reasoned leadership in the future. The city will continue to face difficult challenges, and we openly encourage new ideas and participation for the betterment of our fine city of Gooding.

I strongly urge your vote for Mayor Nelson and Council members Diane Houser and Mel Magnelli on Nov 7.

Vern France

City Council president