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I am supporting Mike Hendricks for the position for commissioner of sub-district 1 for the Rock Creek Rural Fire Protection District. The current commissioner voted four times to raise the tax levy since 2015. The voters rejected it all four times. I am concerned that they will continue to try and raise our taxes. Mike is opposed to increasing our taxes.

In May, the current commissioners entered into a seven-year employment contract with the fire chief. The contract provides a new 2017 pickup for the chief and his families personal use. The district pays for insurance, gas and all maintenance costs. The chief does pay for gas when he uses the truck to pull his travel trailer and takes it out of state.

His monthly salary is $6,000 plus health insurance for him and his family, as well as retirement.

Mike wants to get more members of the community involved in making decisions, such as entering into a seven-year employment contract and other large monetary matters. He is well qualified to be a commissioner. He has been a volunteer fireman for the district, as well as the fire chief. He wants to place two of the full-time paid firemen in each of the three sub-districts to provide support to the volunteer firemen and recruit new volunteer firemen.

All eligible fire district voters will be voting for one candidate in sub-district 1 and one candidate in sub-district 3. All fire district voters elect all of the commissioners.

I am encouraging all fire district voters to vote because the people we the voters elect represent us. If you want the levy to remain at the current level, then I encourage you to vote for Mike Hendricks.

Edward A. Easterling



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