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Twin Falls voters, I would encourage you to vote for Suzanne Hawkins for City Council Seat 1 on election day. Vice-mayor Suzanne Hawkins is a woman of integrity who has a proven track record in her service to the community. As a councilwoman, she has consistently shown a willingness to get involved; her decisions are those that are right for the community; and she cares for all of the residents of Twin Falls, not just some special-interest group.

She takes her responsibilities as a Council and community representative very seriously, is involved and participates in community events and is active on the committees to which she is assigned. As a small-business owner, Suzanne understands the concerns of the business community but makes her decisions based on what is right for the entire community.

I have always observed her to act with integrity and the best interest of all citizens of Twin Falls in her vote and in her opinions. Suzanne is outgoing, friendly and open to input from her constituents. She is also willing to make the tough calls when that is required. This makes her a standout in today's political arena. This woman of integrity and dedication to the community of Twin Falls deserves your support on election day.

Lee DeVore

Twin Falls


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