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Liyah Babayan, a first-generation small-business owner in downtown Twin Falls, is a woman whose sole mission is to put the people first. I am elated to hear that she is running for Seat 1 of the Twin Falls City Council. I believe she has all of the necessary qualifications, skills and ambition to be an immensely successful city councilwoman.

Miss Babayan is tuned in and knows our community from the ground level up. Over the last 10 years, Liyah has been available and accessible to the public she serves at her business downtown. As a councilwoman, she will be right there on Main Street, available eight hours a day to the public. She served seven years on the Parks and Recreational Commission and three years on the Twin Falls School Board. She consistently represents the community with charities, fundraisers and raising awareness in everything varying from breast cancer to domestic violence — all of which is not in her job description. This also includes the mentoring of our youth, guiding them in real issues they face such as addiction and teenage pregnancy. Miss Babayan is even kind-hearted to organize multiple vigils throughout the past few years for the devastating events that occurred around the nation, such as the Orlando night club shooting in June of 2016 and others.

In moments of fear and division, she has an uncanny ability to bring people together to spread a positive and powerful message of unity. Our community is vastly rich in diversity, and that has not been represented to its’ maximum potential. She is someone I believe can bring change to that and many other issues.

I write in support of Liyah Babayan for city councilwoman of Twin Falls, Idaho so that she may use her vast influence as an asset to the community to inspire others to embrace diversity and inclusion, raise awareness for all issues and above all, to show that it will always be the people first.

Senada Kadric

Twin Falls


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