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This is an open letter to the person(s) who took my husband's Boston Terrier on Wednesday. We went to lunch about 1 p.m. and returned just after 2 to find our Ellie missing. It is OK to use her name because it is on her tags along with our phone numbers and shot records. She could not get out of our home or yard by herself.

She was given to my husband 10 years ago when he had bi-lateral hip replacement by our children. She has been his "girl" every since. She also is the one that comes and wakes me when he is having issues with his current illness. She is a very gentle dog and loves treats. And yes, she is spoiled. She is very good with almost everyone, small children included.

We would appreciate it if you would return her or take her to the pound or the Buhl Police Department. Please if you can not do any of the above do not hurt her, leave her out in the cold or any other negative actions. And remember my husband, myself and the other four-legged family members miss her.

Those who read this, please check with your neighbors and keep an eye out just in case. Last but not least. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and thank you.

Susan Sawers



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