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I was reading up on all the candidates for governor, reading the material on each candidate’s website. The issue that motivates me most personally is the issue of protecting life, and I was struck by the personal story of Raul Labrador. In his discussion of “Supporting Life” on his website Raul wrote: “I will forever honor my mother who chose life for me when so many encouraged her not to have a baby as a single woman in the 1960s. Because of her sacrifice, now I have five beautiful children of my own and I cherish the uniqueness of each one.” This testimony deeply touched me.

And I thought of all those – brave women – and brave couples – who have fought the advice of doctors and friends and proceeded with a difficult pregnancy or a birth that would be challenging given life’s circumstances.

These thoughts brought me to the realization that Raul Labrador’s commitment to life is profoundly deep and personal. His perfect ratings from the National Right to Life Committee and all the legislation he has co-sponsored and supported reflect his actual life. This made all the difference for me. I am firmly behind Raul for Governor.

Susan Garbett

Idaho Falls


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