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Tommy Ahlquist is the leader that Idaho needs. I keep hearing that he doesn’t have a “track record” in politics. Well, thank heavens. What he does have is a track record of being a community leader and accomplishing big things.

Tommy has a proven record of being a community servant, something that a lot of Idaho politicians lack. Tommy, along with others, founded FACES of Hope, a victim advocacy group that helps domestic and sexual assault victims. As an ER doctor for nearly 20 years, Tommy improved lives of Idahoans for years.

As a businessman, Tommy had an acute interest in helping to improve government from the outside. That’s why he co-founded Idaho 2020: Investing in Idaho’s Future, a group of CEOs who contributed to a fund that researched government issues that affected their own business. After presenting this information to swampy politicians who loved the status quo, he knew he had to get on the inside to create real change. I have appreciated his common sense approach to examining our state government and identifying wasteful spending.

I am glad that Tommy has made it a point to visit so many of the rural cities and counties. He is the only candidate who has inquired how the State can better serve the City of Buhl. I have had the opportunity to talk to several of the candidates and ask very specific questions, and I found Tommy’s intelligent, sensible answers to be breath of fresh air.

I’m voting for Tommy Ahlquist because he is a proven leader. He has proved himself as a good man, who accomplishes things for the greater good, rather than for his own political interests. Vote Tommy Ahlquist on May 15.

Michael Higbee

Buhl City Council President

Republican Precinct Committeeman


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