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A recent Harvard University poll found that young 18-to-29-year-olds in the U.S. favor socialism over capitalism. Why?

They have soured on extreme capitalism. They have seen when extreme capitalism has privatized and "profitized" national health, education, security, transportation, infrastructure, housing, etc., and all things that should be funded from the general citizenry for the benefit of the general citizenry — that only very few benefit to the detriment of the many.

But the answer is not to reject the existing U.S. political structure. The answer is to elect more competent politicians and government bureaucrats. The term "competent politicians and government bureaucrats" need not be an oxymoron. American millennials just need to become politicians and government bureaucrats who support public benefit rather than simply follow the money.

Step up American millennials and contribute to the U.S. political structure, which can combine both the best of capitalism and socialism —  not destroy it. The American political structure is good; most of the existing people managing it are not.

Bob Krucker



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