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I'm 86, my wife, Bonnie, is 85. She had a stroke and has some memory problems and speech difficulty. I lost a kidney to cancer, have a pacemaker, COPD and stage 4 lung cancer. I have to use oxygen now. We have vinyl tubing all around the house. You have a tube around your neck and digits that fit in your nose.

On Christmas Eve, Bonnie decided we would have spaghetti with meat sauce for supper. Candle light and a bottle of wine for the occasion. We were enjoying the meal when I started coughing; Bonnie came to my side to help me. She noticed I was swallowing part of the tubing. I was still coughing, and she found more tubing in my throat. A hard jerk and the little nose digits popped out. 

I thought the meat was a little chewy. I stopped coughing, and we stopped eating. Later we had a nice glass of wine. That's my story for 2017.

Gale Keen

Twin Falls

P.S. I may have embellished this with a few alternative truths.


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