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Shocked by canyon-side shooting

I read with shock about a man being shot by a stray bullet on the north side of the canyon. I have been over there shooting, too, and the thought that a stray bullet might strike a person or animal was statistically simply impossible. I don’t think that any more, and I am pledging to never go over there shooting again. Furthermore, I will encourage my family and friends to go somewhere else, too. The time has come to deal with this responsibly. Shooters need a safe place to shoot. Come on Magic Valley! Let’s solve this before something terrible happens.

Ken Patterson

Twin Falls

Worried about

cartoonist’s health

I feel sorry for cartoonist Mike Luckovich. His cartoons are drawn with dark lines, fill and scribbly, as if he is angry and bitter all of the time. Health risks to people like that often come in the way of heart attacks. It appears that the Times-News really likes his work though, as he is featured quite often. Hmmmm.

Zane Ostler



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