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The absurdity of the anti-Sharia law bill making its way through our legislative process defies explanation. Are you telling me this idea is reflective of Rep. Eric Redman's constituents? What are they being exposed to that the rest of us aren't? Instead of Friday Night Lights at their local school, do they have Friday Night Beheadings?

I seriously think late night talk show hosts plant these people in our Legislature for "Punchlines from Idaho." Sharia law or any other "scary foreign laws" have never been used to decide a case in Idaho, or anywhere else in the U.S. I can't believe I had to write that. "Duh" is reverberating in my brain.

See this for what it is, no matter how these legislators try to dress it up. This is blatant fear-mongering and a colossal waste of Idaho taxpayer's money. Please find a real bill to write that helps Idahoans. Contact some fourth-graders for assistance as their minds are, ahem, open and engaged.

Jennifer Ostyn

Twin Falls


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