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I would like to write this letter to endorse Tim Darrington for re-election for Cassia County Commissioner in the upcoming election on May 15. Tim has been very proactive and concerned in helping our community grow. He has put a great deal of effort in upgrading and making suggestions to technology to get Cassia County ready for the future.

Cassia County is growing at an alarming rate. Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the union, and Cassia County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the state.

I feel Tim Darrington is the right man to help us with that growth. He has a desire to continue serving and wants to hear any concerns or suggestion that citizens of this county might have.

We in the Jackson area feel like we have better representation by Tim Darrington because he has been willing to listen to not only our concerns, but everyone's concerns.

He was actively involved and concerned in helping to resolve damages due to high water flows of Spring 2017, and successful in receiving much needed funding.

Electing Tim Darrington will anticipate positive change as we plan for the future. Please vote Tim Darrington for Cassia County Commissioner on May 15.

Kirk Buckley

Jackson Area Precinct Committeeman


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