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Thanks, Times-News, for charging our veterans families for the privilege of putting their veterans pictures in your paper! I noticed there were a few that paid your price; you should send back their money with a thank you for their service. Also noticed not one mention about the Veterans Day program in City Park. I am so disappointed in your support for our veterans.

Thanks for the interviews of the veterans who served. (I thank them). What about the ones we are celebrating today in City Park and the cemeteries, thanking them for the freedom of you deciding not to honor them?

I thank the following members of my family for their service: my husband, Larry McElliott, my grandfather Clarence Spence, my father, Everett Kimball, my brothers Robert Kimball, Melvin Kimball and Richard Kimball, my sons Paul Brown and Dion Suhr, my grandson Corey Christensen, and my nephews Troy Kimball, Gary Miles and Joshua Kimball.

Today (Nov. 13) I noticed your paper donated space for Festival of Giving. Awesome event and good for their support from you.

Quote from publisher Travis Quast: “I personally love Christmas so I get excited about being involved with a festival full of Christmas trees decorated by local business.” Really!

Great program at City park with Sen. Lee Heider speaking.

I have an application for your membership (if you qualify) free from me, to the American Legion, Twin Falls.

Kim McElliott

Twin Falls


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