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1) In one part of the world, we have a pudgy guy with funny hair who inherited everything from his father. He thrives with a cult of personality and does not tolerate criticism. He is whack and has nuclear devices at his disposal. In another part of the world, we have Kim Jong Un.

2) You can lead a horse, a stable genius, to water but you cannot make him admit it is water.

3) Fearful, isolationist societies always seem to implode. Chicken Little eventually went insane.

4) If people insist on being afraid of something, they could certainly pick something scarier than Mexicans.

5) President DJT, much like the Cleveland Browns (0-16), had a perfect 2017 season. The government ground to a halt in less than a year under his watch. "That would never happen if I was in there." Citizen Trump, 2013.

6) I wish Tucker Carlson well in his quest for enlightenment. He says "I don't understand" more often than Sheldon Cooper does.

7) It is most unusual to hear grown men discussing the size of their buttons in public. This matter should be discussed privately.

8) A candidate in the 2016 general election has claimed rather vigorously that 3.5 million people were bused to polls to vote illegally. Greyhound has 280 buses in its fleet, each seating 55. Assuming this fleet was used, it would require 63,636 round trips at full capacity to and from polling sites. Each bus would need to make 227 such trips. It is puzzling how this many bus drivers have managed to remain silent about this nefarious activity.

Afton Branson



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