Here we go again, more law, more crime, more prisons and jails, and on and on. How about trying a different approach to this issue? Legalize prostitution for all persons over the age of consent, 18. And those going into the business would be required to have a city or county business license, regular examinations for STDs and an up-to-date shot card. That would bring this issue out of the shadows, assist in curbing STDs, destroy its black-market value and give protection by the courts for those in this profession.

More importantly, those persons actually trafficking would be more easily exposed because the professionally involved (licensed) individuals would be more likely to cooperate with the authorities. Why? Because those trafficked would be competitive in this market for services thus driving the value of overall services down. To keep the market value up, licensed professionals would be encouraged — monetarily not morally — to expose illegal services.

I think, it would be nice to pay our teachers more rather than build another $500 million prison which does nothing but make people worse and enrich the politicians and contractors who build those things.

It’s important to understand that our system of justice, as it stands, in the United States has little to do with justice and everything to do with cash flow.

Mark Schuckert

Twin Falls


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