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Idaho could save a lot of money if our citizen Legislature would adjourn and go home now. They are going to stay in session, and this is what they are going to do. They are going to continue to let sick kids die from easily-treated diseases because their parents refuse to take them to the doctor under the veil of "religious freedom."

They will continue to rob PERSI by inflating their years of service in order to receive a much bigger retirement than they should get if they followed the formula all other public employees are required to follow.

They will talk tax relief but will ignore the grocery tax which is the one tax that would actually help every Idahoan.

They will continue to brag how they created the "career ladder" for teachers. In reality, all they did was take money from the top of the salary scale and put it on the bottom. They will continue to talk local-control while dictating laws from Boise that take away local control.

There is irony that the Times-News rails constantly about what the legislature does; but during the last election, they endorsed all the incumbents. There were some great candidates that ran — Cathy Talkington, Debbie Silver, Jill Skeem, etc. Blowhard Hartgen put out a flier that misrepresented Cathy Talkington's positions on the issues, and the Times-News did not call him on it and endorsed him instead! I urge the Times-News to put its mouth where its money is.

So please adjourn, go home and save us regular Idahoans from wasting any more money on your "per diem."

Gary Welch



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