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I've know Kimberly head coach Stan Watts for years, as our daughters either competed or teamed-up to compete on various teams. Nobody ever gets a 100 percent approval rating, but Stan gets pretty close. He is a phenomenal person donating countless hours to ALL kids willing to go to work.

This year's season shows what a great job he does. He didn't have a Grace Parker or Sage Eckert or Ella Fischer (players who can take over a game). What he put on the court was a consistently hard-working, fundamentally sound, unselfish group of athletes who took the No. 1 seed into the tournament.

It is sad someone can watch one game, have no idea what's going on and bad-mouth a good person. As a coach, the main objective is to put a team on the court that is the best representation of what the school has to offer in the way of basketball prowess — not follow rec-league guidelines and put girls on the court just because they are seniors or just because they have played since seventh grade. The fact that someone has a good ASVAB score, or that their parents know a senator, should have no bearing on whether they play on a given night. At a base level, it is never fair to the eight or nine teammates — who have worked just as hard and are simply better players — for a coach to play someone who does not help them achieve a desired goal.

In life, people shouldn't get rewarded because they want something. They should get it because they work harder, or they are just superior. Personally, as an opposing team parent, I hope Stan doesn't return. I hope he takes his aggressive defense and insistence on accountability and competitive drive into retirement.

Buck Taylor



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