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(Courtesy photo)

Recently there was an incident in Utah in which an elk leaped into a research helicopter that was trying to capture it. The elk jumped into the chopper’s tail rotor and subsequently died of its injuries. What a tragic end to a beautiful animal.

The story was upsetting enough to me but was made worse on Feb. 18 when my wife and I were driving from Meridian to Twin Falls. We were “flipping channels” on the radio and unfortunately landed on the “Bob and Tom Show." One of the two were referencing the incident and started laughing as they joked that the “elk joined the Rotary Club. Ha-ha!”

To those of us who love wildlife and are aware of the adversities that elk face as it is, I find this insensitive attempt at humor repulsive, cruel, tasteless, egregious and pathetic. I will certainly exercise more care when selecting radio channels in the future.

Steve Grupe

Twin Falls


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