Since the Idaho legislature passed religious-exemption laws allowing parents to deny their children medical care, 182 children have died. Compare that to the recent shootings in Las Vegas where 58 people were killed. The entire nation was saddened and outraged at the Las Vegas tragedy, and my heart goes out to the friends and families of those victims; however, the religious exemption laws passed by the Idaho legislature have caused over three times as many deaths as the Las Vegas shootings, and yet the Legislature is unwilling to retract the laws.

Is it because the Idaho deaths occurred over time? What if 182 children died in a period of one week? Surely the Idaho legislature would repeal these religious exemptions. Just because it has taken longer does not mean these lives are less significant. Idaho children’s lives, cut short because their parents are allowed to deny them medical care, are just as worthy of our concern as the victims in Las Vegas. The Idaho legislature passed the laws causing these child deaths. They are the only ones who can, and should, repeal them and let these children live.

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Bruce Wingate

Protect Idaho Kids Foundation