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To my state representative in 24A, Lance Clow, this is a heads up: Coming next year, you and all of the representatives in Boise will be asked why a disabled veteran, myself and my wife, can't get help with health insurance. Because my veterans money can't be used so we are $200 short in taxable income.

Next year I want you all to answer to your constituents why you all went home on break without fixing this health insurance gap? My wife has type 2 diabetes and is told by the callous people in the "Health and Welfare Office" to go to free clinics here in Twin Falls.

Am I the only person wondering why all people in public office are sitting at home this Christmas season with family and friends with the best money can buy health insurance, and what was too busy to get this problem taken care of? I myself could not look myself in the mirror knowing I went home and left a whole bunch of my constituents without health insurance, because ... ?

Mr. Clow, we have met in years past, but this is a bit of a heads up. We will meet again next year as you will be running for office again and have to answer this and many more questions. I, Frank R. Mascari, look forward to this debate in the months to come.

Frank R. Mascari

Twin Falls


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