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I value life more than guns

The comments in the Saturday paper about guns and schools were notable for their uniformity: Schools need more people with guns, gun owners need more training. I would like to offer a different view. Rather than fall for the NRA ploy to look only at school security, we need to consider the place of guns throughout American society. Civilized countries like Britain, Germany, the Scandinavian countries, and Japan, which have strong gun-control laws, and do not have to deal with weekly mass shootings, think we are totally irrational about guns.

I agree.

I have lived in Idaho for over 30 years and have yet to hear any sensible reason to buy a gun. I believe that gun violence in America, including mass shootings, suicides, and domestic violence, is a public health issue. I also believe that the Florida high school students who are pushing for gun control legislation are to be praised. Some people accuse them of being puppets of liberals. The real puppets are the elected officials who are controlled by NRA money. It comes down to a matter of values. I value the lives of our kids much more than I value owning a gun. I also value government support for public mental health services much more than I value trying to turn schools into fortresses. I value rational discussion of national issues over mudslinging and fear mongering.

Stephen Poppino

Twin Falls


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