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A Mother’s Day hope-list to my bride, my daughters, my daughters-in-law and to all women this Mother’s Day. I hope:

That you get to eat a meal before it gets cold.

That you get to sleep through the night.

That you get some "me" time accompanied by long lost friends — Ms. Peace and Mr. Quiet.

That you can go shopping without the children as attachments.

That your family cooks for you.

That you find time to take a nap.

That your children realize how magnificent you are.

That you get a hug.

That you know you are loved.

That you understand how much comfort, happiness and love you share with your family.

That nothing is spilled at the dinner table.

You know that your children grow up fast, but you will always be their mom.

For women who have wanted children, but for whatever reason have been unable to, this is still your day. The influence of women in the lives of all mankind has been, can be and is immeasurable. Every day, many of you are giving loving compassionate service to others, family or not — in this case, children or not. This can be a tough day for some of you. Do not overlook the value you can and do have in the lives of others. On this day, the fact that you do not have children does not, in any respect, make you any less of a mother than those who have been able to give birth.

Mothers, Mothering, or Motherhood, however defined, certainly is worthy of a very special day.

Jim Meservy



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