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Do we really want to continue with incumbents? The community should consider the following:

• Open Meetings — Between Jan 5, 2015, and May 3, 2017, there were 63 meetings for which minutes were published. Of those 63 meetings 43 executive sessions were held without the obligatory purpose and topic included in published minutes. Also some agendas were not posted as required.

• Airport — Incumbents voted not to reinstate the Airport Advisory Board as a source of relevant information. Also, Thomas brothers were led to believe the city would buy the airport building for $350,000 with a 20 year lease for $800.00 per month.

• Sale of city property — Public records revealed that favoritism was shown in land sale and truck scales sale.

• Ordinances — There has been little effort made to educate the community about Gooding’s ordinances except for ordinances dealing with dogs. One has to go to a different web site from the city’s web site to find a copy of ordinances.

We have an opportunity to vote for positive change. Gooding has the potential of “Moving Forward” as we work together to find solutions that will improve our community. Brekke, Cram, and Smith have the skills and enthusiasm to make things happen.

Vote BCS.

Linda Cheney



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