Chill out, it’s almost Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s season comes and goes every year and every year people seem to react the same way: negatively and cynically. I personally think that people should be less negative on Valentine’s Day, and instead be positive and make the season fun for everyone. Here I have some suggestions for how to have a fun Valentines season, even if you don’t like the holiday.

My first suggestion is to not complain about how Valentine’s Day is focused on consumerism. Sure the biggest bear and the brightest balloon will be pricier, but you can easily match their worth with something actually thoughtful for your partner, or write them a cheesy letter for free. You can also look at it as a test, because if your partner makes you feel bad when you can’t spend big bucks on them you might be in an unhealthy relationship.

My second suggestion is not to think you have to have a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I myself am single, but that’s not stopping me from making Valentines for my friends and family. Think about everyone that you love in your life, and send them Valentines.

My third suggestion is even if you’re completely alone, you can still find fun things to do. You can listen to cheesy love songs, look at all the heart decorations, watch bad romance movies, or even make a sappy card for when you do date someone.

Overall, I don’t think anyone should spend the season of love in a pit of hatred and misery. Instead, everyone should be having fun in some way or another. So whether you have a date or no one at all, remember that you can always find something fun to do on Valentine’s Day.

Jack Schoolcraft



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