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We are incredulous! We are appalled! We are incensed!

Only a demented troglodyte would conjure up the muddled idea that victims of sexual predators would not only view the attacks as status symbols, but also brag about who was attacked most viciously!

The "cartoon" printed in the Opinion section of the Times-News on Nov. 17, drawn by a local "cartoonist," blatantly states that victims of sexual harassment or molestation have joined the current #MeToo tsunami as a status symbol and that victims even compare the viciousness of the perpetrators. No, no, no! Victims of sexual predators have kept silent for their entire lifetimes, feeling shame and humiliation. The truly shameful ones are the perpetrators of these crimes, not the victims. And yes, even sexual harassment is criminal. Sexual abuse in any form results in an unspeakable heartbreak for any victim from which no one completely recovers, ever. To demean another human in any way is reprehensible.

At long last, the rotting log of sexual predators is being rolled over and the exposed naked maggots are squirming to escape the daylight. Courageous victims now revealing the sordid attacks against themselves are giving each other support. Also, they are empowering other courageous victims to overcome their sorrow and to join this snowballing exposé. #MeToo is a valiant effort to put an end to these immoral atrocities.

Poking fun at victims of abuse is ludicrous. Abuse in any form should never be tolerated!

Eleanore Burkhart

Twin Falls


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