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You can look it up.

1. Barack Obama could have been born on Mars, and he would still be a citizen of the United States. His mother, Ann, was born in Kansas which was in the United States at the time of her birth.

2. Kneeling has long been accepted as a gesture of subservience, respect and courtesy.

3. Donald Trump did not crash any airliners in 2017.

4. No "stable genius" has ever referred to him/herself as being "like, really smart."

5. On Jan. 9, Sean Hannity talked on his TV program for 25 minutes before mentioning Hillary Clinton. He then talked about her for the next 20 minutes. He made up this lapse the next evening — launching into her in the first 30 seconds.

6. newspeak (nü′ spēk), n. language in which the words are made to mean the opposite of their real meanings to conform to an ideology (coined in 1949 by English author George Orwell). Thorndike-Barnhart modern examples would be the Environmental "Protection" Agency and facts being referred to as "fake" news.

7. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions recently instructed United States attorneys they can begin prosecuting marijuana growers and distributors in states that have legalized, licensed, certified, regulated and taxed medical and/or recreational possession and use. Illicit marketers are applauding this move, saying it helps reduce their competition.

8. al-Qaeda is Arabic that translates to "the base" in English. Notable people with bases include Rickey Henderson, Osama bin Laden and Donald Trump.

Make America groan again.

Afton Branson



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