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Like most all Americans, I am deeply thankful for the ongoing service of our military and their families. We are decades into the Gulf Wars and their sacrifices have been immense. Why do we pay them so little that some need food stamps? We pay our private armed forces 10 times more! It's time we pay military their fair value.

I agreed with so much of what President Trump said in his campaign. I was eager to see action. Trump promised "healthcare for everybody! I won't cut Medicare or Medicaid." "I will give vouchers to veterans and get them swift care!"

I supported Ross Perot back in the '90s hoping to get that independent business approach. Actually his group, United We Stand, endorsed me for governor, (unreported by mainstream media.)

But Trump broke promises, endorsing cuts like a Wall Street wolf. Congressman Simpson voted to repeal Obamacare protections that stopped insurance companies refusing to treat expensive sick patients. Only Sen. McCain's vote stopped this insanity that would kick 20 million off insurance! So salesman Trump ripped McCain with the same ignorance as when he mocked being a POW, "I prefer those who weren't captured!"

Now draft-dodgers Trump and Simpson want to escalate the troops in Afghanistan! I agree with the NRA book my postman gave me says armed Afghanistan will never be defeated.

When do fat white politicians expect Arabs to obey the borders and leaders we mandate for them? It is an unwinnable war. Now we have troops killed in Niger. Why?

Do you know the Christian Right agenda for Israel and Armageddon to return Jesus to earth? Why'd Trump resurrect Jerusalem? Read Reverend Falwell at https://www.cbsnews.com/news/zions-christian-soldiers/

All religions are welcome in my family and neighborhood. Please read more why I'm running for Congress at PeterForIdaho.com

Peter Rickards

Twin Falls


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