Christopher Reid is probably the least known member of the Twin Falls City Council. He’s run for a seat only once, six years ago. Last year, he was appointed to serve out the term of Don Hall when Hall won election to the county board — so voters haven’t heard much from Reid the candidate.

But get ready to hear a whole lot more. We think Reid has the potential to be one of Twin Falls’ next political leaders.

Reid has quickly acclimated himself to the board, diving in with good questions and a respectable voting record. Off the record, city officials say he’s one of the sharpest Council members.

A young family man and banker, Reid has shown himself to be cautious and thoughtful, keeping taxpayers’ interests at the front. Reid voted earlier this year not to raise taxes, even though the city could have to pad its coffers, because the city hadn’t identified how it would spend the money.

He believes creating and maintaining a special sense of community could help recruit and retain workers. So would a new city recreation center, but Reid is rightly skeptical about how much such a center would cost.

Reid is being challenged by Brian Bell, a network and controls administrator for Amalgamated Sugar Co.

Bell did well in a candidate forum hosted by the Times-News earlier this month. He’s a serious candidate deserving of serious consideration by voters.

But like other challengers for seats this cycle, Bell just hasn’t done enough to prove to voters he’s a better pick than the incumbent, Reid.

We’d like to see Bell stay active in city issues like planning and zoning if his Council bid proves unsuccessful. He’d make a fine councilman one day.

But this time, it’s Reid’s seat to lose.


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