Cheers and Jeers


Twenty-five law enforcement officers helped 20 families with back-to-school shopping this week in the annual Shop with a Cop event in Twin Falls.

The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Employee Association leads the event, which pairs deputies with students who could use a little help getting their pencils, scissors, glue sticks and notebooks.

“We want to make sure they get all the school supplies they need, so when they go back to school they don’t feel out of place,” said Scott Bishop, a sergeant in the sheriff’s department.

Helping students get off to the right start in a new school year is a big deal.

The event is also a great reminder that being a deputy involves a lot more than chasing bad guys.

Kudos, too, to Sgt. Bishop’s daughter, Alyssa, a senior at Zavier Charter School, who helped organize the event as part of her senior project.


We’re lucky to live in great communities, and that sometimes makes it difficult to find something worth jeering out of a week’s worth of news.

Not this time.

On Wednesday, reporter Mychel Matthews chronicled a bizarre string of animal shootings near Curry. One cattleman lost his prized bull and a heifer. Neighbors found their favorite llamas gunned down.

Look, if you get your kicks from shooting animals, we have hunting seasons for that. There’s nothing sporting about shooting livestock.

Police have few leads and said the cases would be hard to solve unless they catch the shooter in the act.


The third and final new Twin Falls school approved by voters through a $74 million bond in 2014 is finally ready to open.

On Thursday, students, parents and community members got the first look at South Hills Middle School, the district’s first new middle school in 38 years. The last was O’Leary, built in 1979.

The school has a similar look to the other two new schools, Rock Creek and Pillar Falls elementaries, which opened last year. All three feature the latest in school building designs, which aim to provide the best learning environments for the next generations of Twin Falls leaders.

Again, we applaud the voters who supported these new schools. Their vision for growth and commitment that students here study in top-notch schools can’t be overstated.


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