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Columnist Bill Colley has his portrait taken Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016, at the Times-News in downtown Twin Falls.


When the federal government topples, the tsunami is going to sink a lot of smaller boats. This isn’t one of those “if and when” statements. I’m convinced it’s coming and soon. Unlike the fall of the Iron Curtain we should be prepared. Maybe the growing control by retired Marine Corps officers is an acknowledgment someone is already laying a replacement foundation. Last Thursday night I was readying for bed and in the background listening to the latest developments from the White House and U.S. Senate. I composed a short note for friends:

A thought crossed my mind after Trump’s visits to West Virginia & Youngstown this week. Forty-thousand Boy Scouts, members of a quasi-military outfit, cheered a political speech. Twenty-thousand showed up in Youngstown for six-thousand seats. One-third of the country is primed to go into the streets for the man.

Cabinet secretaries & his Chief-of-Staff are publicly mocked by him or surrogates.

Two possibilities are crossing my mind.

Trump is preparing a purge of the political establishment he despises. Or we’re at the Fall of the Roman Empire. If next week wives of Senators are forced to perform in brothels I’ll have confirmation. We’ve gotten to both possibilities far more quickly than I expected.

I’m not passing sentence on the President. He’s just a vessel for a p****d off country.

The churches could use us this weekend for prayer.

These notes often draw a few replies by the following morning. Instead I could hear the “bloop, bloop, bloop” on my smartphone long after I crawled under the covers. By morning there were some serious replies. One fellow suggests the president is soon creating a new political party. Later in the day I read where a pundit named John Harwood is suggesting the same will happen.

A few acquaintances accused me of being overly dramatic. Within a few hours of coming home Friday after work there was a new White House chief of staff. I don’t know Reinhold “Reince” Priebus well, but we’ve met. He came to a picnic I attended some years ago and offered us encouragement. As national chairman of his party he established majorities in Washington and across much of the country. In his home state of Wisconsin he was instrumental in the rise of Gov. Scott Walker and bringing an end to abuses committed by public employee unions. Today Wisconsin may not be paradise, but it didn’t become Illinois. Accusations of Priebus being an insider always perplexed me, and unlike his counterparts last year he didn’t interfere in the primary process.

Despite my belief Priebus was a decent guy, John Kelly is likely an upgrade. I’m not nearly so sure about Anthony “Mooch” Scaramucci.

The guy is a blowhard from New York and full of himself. In grade school there was a taunt. It takes one to know one. I rest my case on judging the “Mooch.” The dude telephoned a reporter at a liberal magazine and went on a tirade about White House leaks while at the same time leaking intimate and nasty thoughts about men he sees as rivals. He hasn’t been fired because one week in would’ve surely raised questions about the president’s abilities to judge the people he hires.

Want work at the White House? First, get a gig pontificating at Fox News!

Scaramucci trashed not only Priebus but Steve Bannon. Despite mainstream media hatred for Bannon, the man has a feel for the president’s base. A former officer in the Navy, those who served with Bannon also speak highly of his skills. Scaramucci is just a guy who made a pile of money moving other money around.

Not far from the White House another pending sign the system is ripe for collapse developed over a health care vote. John McCain came out of his own sick bed and cast the backbreaker in order to scuttle Obamacare repeal. Or the step-by-step repeal. McCain is taking some serious heat on social media, but I’ve got another working theory. He won’t be running again for office. He was never much of a Republican when compared to the rank and file of the party. Mitch McConnell asked McCain to take one for the team.

McConnell gets cover. Republicans who had their fingers crossed behind their backs when they promised repeal can blame a dead man walking.

And remind you McCain is an American hero. After the battle of Saratoga a man named Benedict Arnold was the greatest hero of the Revolution. Times, they do change!

Now a nation $20 trillion in debt at the federal level and with many states and local governments insolvent will promise universal health coverage. Many of the people who bought the previous lies will buy the next bucket of hogwash.

Donald Trump surely isn’t the prefect vessel for draining the swamp, however. Mitch McConnell and company don’t seem to be aware how big a wave is coming and much like the fall of the Berlin Wall and other sinking ships it can happen as quick as snapping those once crossed fingers. The only stability at the moment could be some very well placed generals. It was the great fear of military men with names like Eisenhower and Washington, but I think at this stage of national development many swamped boat owners would welcome the stability.

Bill Colley is the host of Top Story on Newsradio 1310 AM.


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