BOISE - Idaho residents could have to pay more to tie the knot, if state Supreme Court Chief Justice Daniel Eisman gets his way.

Eisman told the Legislature on Tuesday in his State of the Judiciary speech that hiking the cost of a marriage license by $20 would generate $280,000 annually, to provide legal help in civil cases involving children and families.

Currently, getting hitched in Idaho costs just $30.

But as the economic turmoil since 2008 placed more and more stress on families, there's been a spike in child-custody and divorce filings in Idaho.

Demand for Family Court Services has also been on the rise, with 30,000 parents acessing those.

Many can't afford legal counsel, especially if they're victims of Idaho's nearly 10 percent jobless rate.

Last year, nearly 55,000 people sought help from court assistance offices.

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What is the state doing in marriage anyway? If they get out of the marriage business then they wouldn't be in the divorce business either. Problem solved.

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