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Why are we paying for Otter’s lawyers?

Here we go again! We taxpayers are again faced with attorney fees to get Otter out of his incompetent handling of his duties. Seems like that’s all we’ve done since he was put in charge of our state by his daddy-in-law, J.R. Simplot. Almost $1 million alone for his botched handling of the broadband thing.

Now, we are paying for an attorney for him to fight the very thing our Legislature passed to help each of us, rich and poor. The 6 percent tax on groceries repeal would help everyone equally. Why, I ask, do we allow one person with a pen to veto what a whole capitol building full of legislators passes?? Pretty stupid, don’t ya think? I say if a governor (or any elected official) makes a dumb mistake, they should have to pay their own attorney fees! In this case, Otter didn’t get his homework in on time, and he doesn’t get a do-over!

Sue Harr

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