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“Try all things. Hold fast that which is good.” (Harlow Curtis)

Tom Carter has done an excellent job as sheriff of Twin Falls County. He’s running for re-election, and he deserves your vote. He’s got mine.

Tom is one of the good guys. What you see is what you get. He’s an honest, decent pillar of the community and a hard-working champion of law enforcement, with no hidden agendas.

Speaking of hidden agendas, you fools writing to the paper in support of Tom’s opponent keep dwelling on an incident from the past that was perpetrated by Tom’s predecessor and opponent in the 2008 election. You forgot to mention that those accusations surfaced only after Tom threw his hat into the race against a person doing the accusing who attempted to use those accusations to slander Tom and get his POST certification revoked.

If your candidate has as great a resume as you claim, then let him run on it. Stop manipulating old news to embellish your own skewed cause, or at least have the decency to be honest and tell the whole story.

If your goal is to outshine Sheriff Carter, you’re wasting your time. That dog won’t hunt anymore. Tom’s record speaks for itself.

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Tom’s first term has been a shot in the arm for Twin Falls County. He’s the guy I want in my lifeboat.

Re-elect Sheriff Tom Carter. He’s earned it.


Twin Falls


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