Re: Our birth experience at the Treasure Valley Midwives Birth Center and traveling from Twin Falls

In choosing this path, we had to make sure about safety and transportation in potential complications. We decided that we might be crazy but that it was our best decision for a peaceful, confident and safe pregnancy and delivery. We grew to love our appointments and atmosphere at the birth center. We were free to make all of our own decisions, but they took time and educated us about all of our options for screenings and tests.

From the time we thought I could be in labor, I experienced intense discomfort for 17 continuous hours. Instead of our ideal ride with mild contractions every five minutes, I spent two hours on the floor in the back of our compact car, hunching over the back seat with contractions about two minutes apart!

We fell in love with our birth team: a certified nurse-midwife, nurse/lactation consultant, student midwife, personal birth photographer and each other! With more than 14 hours of hard labor, we felt safe, confident and at peace. At 2:10 a.m., our son Pax (Latin for peace) was born — 8 pounds, 2 ounces and 22.25 inches long. The lactation consultant helped with immediate breastfeeding. Our midwife even called us after we were home to see that we were all well and happy.

Our conclusion about our birth experience was not that we were crazy, but Treasure Valley Midwives is a worthy consideration by anybody who also wants a liberating and satisfying birth experience.


Twin Falls

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