Letter To The Editor: Canyon Ridge High School's Sports Program in Disarray

2013-01-18T02:00:00Z Letter To The Editor: Canyon Ridge High School's Sports Program in Disarray Twin Falls Times-News
January 18, 2013 2:00 am

I was wondering if anyone has been to a boys varsity basketball game at Canyon Ridge High School. It’s a waste of money, but to watch “Larry,” “Moe” and “Curly” do their version of basketball is really comical.

These three comedians are an embarrassment to themselves and to the school. This is the reason “merit pay” is being pushed for teachers and should be the same for coaches. The school doesn’t want you yelling at the coaches — hey, they’re being paid for this job. If they were just volunteers, it would be different. That’s why they don’t quit; the money’s too good.

If they think they are playing basketball, then what are these other teams playing? This is what happens when you hire people that know nothing about the game of basketball or never played. I understand that the head man is also the offensive coach for the football team. How’s that working out for you, Canyon Ridge?

It’s not just basketball; their sports program is in disarray, including football and baseball. They should hire an “athletic director” instead of an “athletic supporter.” Her main job seems to be shooting T-shirts from an air gun, and she doesn’t do that right either.

The only ones who can change things at Canyon Ridge are the parents and/or taxpayers whose money goes to the school district. Surely you wouldn’t stand by if a teacher wasn’t teaching your child to spell, do math or was failing in mandatory subjects. And don’t give me the “we are a new school bull”; these kids are the same age as the kids in the other schools. Nobody expects to win state titles every year, but you can still teach (coach) a team to play like champions. I’m sure you have heard the saying about putting lipstick on a pig — well, you can put a suit and tie on a person, carry a purse with your clipboard and magic markers, but that doesn’t make you a coach.

It’s up to you people in the Canyon Ridge School District to demand changes in the sports programs or cancel all the sports programs and put the money to other programs until the school is ready to get serious about its sports programs. But do something soon because the school is starting to be the laughing stock of the Twin Falls area and the Great Basin Conference.

This coach has been an associate of the basketball program for four years, first as an assistant, now the head man. What’s his record? The assistant has been with some of these kids since they were in the seventh and eighth grade. What’s his record? I’m tired of “Larry, Moe and Curly” blaming the kids for all the losses. They’ve made losing a basketball tradition at Canyon Ridge High School. Time for a change!



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