The moment a child dies, part of a parent dies too! And, from that moment on life is spent learning how to live with only part of a heart. It can't be explained in mere words. This kind of pain is too deep. It is a pain that is felt in the heart and reaches clear to the center of the soul! To lose a child, is to lose part of One's own life, too. There is nothing, that can compare to this kind of brokenness! I felt like I had died too and they just forgot to bury me.

This is for the idiot who had enough nerve to walk up to our child's resting place and steal two geese planters and four duck planters at Sunset Memorial! You have hurt his parents, family and friends all over again. We have taken those same planters to him since he passed in 2012! They can be replaced! The fact that you stole from our child's resting place cannot be forgiven!

Shame on you. I hope and pray you read this and turn yourself in, at least to the cemetery. And then, I hope you write an apology to those of us you stole from! I'm sure we aren't the only one that you stole from! I won't hold my breath. Shame on you.

Laurie Ottersberg

Twin Falls