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Here’s why I decided to run for the Idaho House of Representatives for District 25 - Jerome and Twin Falls Counties (excluding Twin Falls city).

After watching the presidential debates for the last few months, I was curious about my representative’s voting record. What I found was a shock! Nearly all my representatives voted with the liberal wing instead of the conservative side. They’d prefer to vote for more government and less freedom!

Here’s what I found:

When I looked at District 25’s 2015 voting record, I found our two representatives and senator scored between 27 and 38 percent on the Freedom Index. They all earned F-grades on the principles of liberty, free markets and small government. You can find the Final 2015 Freedom Index at IdahoReporter.com. Here’s how my district ranked on the Freedom Index:

-Jim Patrick, Senate: 38 percent (total: -30)

-Clark Kauffman, House: 28 percent (total: -54)

-Maxine Bell, House: 27 percent (total: -56)

So as you can see, our elected officials were more likely to vote with Barack Obama than with Ronald Reagan and the rest of Idaho’s Legislature, let alone the rest of the Republicans.

So after looking at the weighted averages, I saw that Rep. Maxine Bell was the most liberal of the three. Moreover, she’s served for 26 years and it’s clear she’s a big-government, establishment Republican. That’s why I am vying for her seat!

What do the scores mean? Only that 86 percent of the legislature voted far better than Rep. Bell.

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How would I vote? Generally speaking, 180 degrees opposite of my Republican primary opponent. If you’re interested in more details, check out my blog, “My Take.” You can find it on my web site at SternesForIdaho.com.

Oh, and don’t forget to vote Tuesday, May 17.

Reggy Sternes



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