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Memorial Day is fast approaching, and I would like to write to the community on a matter of importance concerning this day. It is concerning the misconception of taking flowers off of graves after this holiday. I am the lady who took flowers off of graves at the Paul Cemetery. I was told that after a few days that the flowers would be destroyed, and that anyone could go out and take them.

This is wrong, illegal and immoral! I was wrong and turned myself in. I would like to take this time to apologize to any and all of the families, friends and co-workers that I caused any grief. After my encounter with the law and court system, many people have contacted me over this matter and I could not believe how many people thought this was OK to do. I have hurt many people for my callous actions. To these people, I am truly sorry. To the community, please know that this Memorial Day is a day for the families and friends to go out and honor their loved ones. To my community, I am truly sorry for anyone that I have hurt, and to the rest of the community, please know that we want to honor our loved ones by placing mementos for their life on this earth.

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Nancy DaBell



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