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Sen. Risch appeared to be a bit unhinged on May 16 when he stated that this person who leaked intelligence information regarding the content of a meeting between Trump and Russian officials is a “weasel.” I ask my elected official, What is the alternative? If no leaks had happened in Watergate by Deep Throat we would have never known the truth about Nixon. What differentiates our country from that of a banana Republic is our ability to hold our values no matter the consequences.

Risch also stated, “It's no longer classified the minute he utters it,” when discussing the matter of Trump releasing secret information to the Russians. This claim by our senator that the president’s remarks are “technically legal” seems to implicate that none of these people are willing to accept the consequences of their actions. Being held accountable for our own personal behavior in our lives is why our legal system was developed, for checks and balances, why then is it OK to ignore the intentions of the president and yet to call the leaker a weasel? The intentions of the president are just as legitimate as the intentions of the leaker and yet our senator has reduced himself to name calling and judgement. I have found myself in the same position as our senator; however, the difference is that this is not the type of person I wish to be and I would hope that Sen. Risch would hold that same value.

This behavior is not becoming of a elected official in our great state of Idaho; I just wish that more Idahoans would hold this view rather than just accepting whatever propaganda that is being produced.

Lynnette Lavoy

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