The heart of a small business owner, serving their American community, is the American Dream....until greedy big box retailers swipe their dreams.

The Durbin Amendment bilked consumers of promised financial gains. Many community small businesses shuttered by big retailers’ bottom-line, swiped the dreams of community based entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial small business owners work hard to build their communities, but greedy corporate big box retailers swipe their decency and heart.

“Creating Hope and Opportunity for Investors, Consumers and Entrepreneurs” is the heart of the Financial CHOICE Act. It repeals big government and corporate greed. Big regulatory government like Durbin Amendment, who skimmed billions of dollars off of consumers, is why the CHOICE Act is ripe for attacking the conference repeal of the Durbin Amendment, which is an anti-free enterprise money swiping scam.

Check your hearts Congressmen Simpson and Labrador. You are free-enterprisers at heart. Repeal the Durbin Amendment in Conference.

Mary and Bruce Harvey