The history of mankind has been a spiritual and physical war between the forces of good (individual freedom) versus evil (mankind enslaved).

The Declaration of Independence brought a unique beginning to America which states that man’s rights come a divine creator and that government was to serve man, not enslave him. The Constitution limits government, but socialists want to destroy it. Socialism has always destroyed liberty and freedom.

God, working through the Founding Fathers, established eternal truths and rights that will never be obsolete. These rights include life, liberty and possession of private property. We should thank God for blessing us with the rarest of liberty loving men who had faith, wisdom and character. The faith to recognize that rights of man are endowed by their creator; the wisdom to understand that the proper role of government is to protect these unalienable rights; and the character to create a constitutional republic form of government based on such principles.

The Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to obtain the freedoms we take for granted today. Many lost their families, possessions and their lives so that we could be free today.

The Constitution and our national independence are under attack. Socialists desire that we become a one-world government under the tyrannical United Nations.

They are promoting the United Nation’s Agenda 21 global warming hoax to convince us to give up our private property rights and individual liberties. We must pass H.R. 193 to get out of the United Nations.

The Founders honored Independence Day as a religious holiday because the author of liberty, Jesus Christ, made freedom and independence possible for us. View to learn America’s godly heritage. To restore our country, we must rededicate ourselves to upholding the principles of freedom contained in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Adrian L. Arp