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What is wrong with us Republicans who voted Donald Trump as our president? Why are we sitting idly by while the losers (Democrats) are trying to oust him from office? Isn’t it time we fought back? If anyone can come up with an idea of how we can fight back, now is the time to ban together and do something about it.

For the next four years we Republicans have the majority in the Legislature and it’s our time to show America what we can do. Our Congress doesn’t seem to want to fight for our president. What can we do to light a fire under them?

With the Democrats and the media wanting to impeach Trump, we need to do something to stop them.

I say let’s give Trump a chance to show how he can make America Great Again and after four years, we either oust him or vote him in again. Even though I was totally against Obama, I accepted it and didn’t go out and break windows and cause riots, etc.

All this turmoil about Trump is costing us taxpayers plenty. We sent them to do a job for the American people, not to continue to waste our tax dollars. It’s like the Dems don’t want to unite our country, compromise, or even try to get along. If Hilary was elected president, do you think we Republicans would do what they are doing to Trump?

Come on fellow Americans, let’s get together and stop this madness.

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Ruth Fixsen

Twin Falls


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