Driver in bus rollover deserved better

This concerns the rollover bus accident in April. The school spokesperson issued a standard boilerplate statement about how shocked and saddened they are but with no real information. They had multiple counselling sessions with the students, involved or not in this accident.

What about the driver? I would guess he is shocked and saddened and worse as well but is being offered no support by the district. Instead, he was fired. They say they stand behind the drivers, and they do as the drivers are booted out the door.

The cause of the accident was reported by investigators as driver inattention and distraction. Yes, there is a lot of distraction when carrying a busload of kids, especially for a period of time after heading out on a new trip. The district was cited with violations by state investigators, which would indicate at least contributory negligence. I strongly suspect the driver was pressured into making this trip without the proper rest time, which could have caused any inattention, but am left to guess as they will not give out this information.

They say you are driving the world’s most precious cargo, so why are garbage truck drivers paid more? I cannot imagine a worse job with more personal liability and less employer support. You even get to go to work twice every day!I have driven school bus, so I know what it is. The lack of support of any kind for this driver is wrong, especially now that he is facing law violation charges himself, in addition to whatever personal grief he may be trying to deal with.

Mike Leeds