TWIN FALLS — A Twin Falls woman was arraigned Thursday on charges she beat another woman in a fit of road rage at Blue Lakes Boulevard North.

Jennifer Leigh Hohnhorst, 30, was charged with battery and malicious injury to property.

According to a court affidavit, Hohnhorst had, at about 7:30 a.m. Oct. 13, stopped her 2002 Chevy Silverado in the westbound right-turn lane on Bridgeview Boulevard at Blue Lakes while the light was green.

Francesca R. Hills pulled up behind Hohnhorst’s pickup, waiting to turn. The traffic light turned red, then green again, and Hohnhorst’s pickup still didn’t move. A driver waiting behind Hills honked their horn, then Hills honked at Hohnhorst.

Hohnhorst got out of her vehicle and approached Hill, opened her door and punched her in the mouth, using a “back-handed” fist, according to the affidavit, court documents said. Hohnhorst began pulling Hill’s hair, trying to pull her out of the vehicle while her seat belt was still on.

When Hills got out, Hohnhorst bashed her head into the back window of her car, then took her to the pavement, court documents said. Two unidentified men separated the women and Hohnhorst began yelling at them.

Hohnhorst then threw what Hills thought was a cellphone at her car, damaging the windshield. Hohnhorst drove off in her pickup toward the Perrine Bridge.

Nichole Stueve, a witness to the altercation, later told Twin Falls Police Officer Powell Eaton she saw Hohnhorst pull Hills out of her car by her hair.

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“Ms. Hohnhorst ‘drove’ Ms. Hills’ head ‘still grabbing her by the hair into the back glass of her vehicle over and over at least three times, face first,’” Eaton reported in the affidavit.

Stueve provided the license plate number of the Silverado, registered to Hohnhorst.

When Eaton presented Hills with a photo lineup, she immediately picked out Hohnhorst’s photo, police said.

A pretrial conference is set for Jan. 3 in Twin Falls County Court.


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