BURLEY — On the west side of the 1200 block of Overland Avenue, contractor Noel Santana purchased a building. Renovations are underway.

Santana purchased the building at 1232 Overland and is in the process of revamping it.

The building’s three floors are 3,000 square feet apiece. It was built in 1925, and once had a hotel upstairs that catered to traveling salesmen and a main floor that served as a café.

Santana is turning the upstairs, which has a separate entrance from the main floor, into two 1,000-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath apartments.

Upstairs, he’s torn the lathe and plaster from the walls and exposed the building’s original brickwork.

“I love upstairs apartments,” he said.

He intends to lease the main floor as office space.

When visiting other cities, Santana said, he often admires “cool downtowns” that have been renovated.

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“I grew up here in Burley,” Santana said. “I care about the downtown. There is a lot of potential here.”

Several other buildings in downtown Burley have changed hands in recent years, indicating that more new businesses could be on the horizon.

  • The building next door to Santana at 1230 Overland Ave. has been purchased by Armando Vargas, who did not respond to


  • requests for an interview about his plans for the building. Vargas also owns 3 Becky’s across the street at 1221 Overland Ave.
  • Taylor Bros. LLC owns the building at 1263 Overland, on the east side of the street, which is occupied by J&L Electric. Kema Barrie with J&L Electric said the building will be used as a private space for the company, and there will not be public access. The company’s main office will remain at 437 E. 5th St. N. in North Burley.
  • Andrew Grumbein took over The Barber Center at 1352 Overland Ave. on Sept. 1 from former owner Bob Beaver after he retired from a career that spanned 56 years as a barber. Grumbein intends to keep many aspects of the traditional shop with a few modern twists, like a Facebook page.
  • The old Surf the Snake building at 1337 Overland Ave. is owned by Jaxson Trevor Jones. It sits vacant for now. Heidi Jones said she and her sister-in-law bought the building last summer. “We can’t say what it’s for at this point,” Heidi Jones said.

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