Dick Morris, a political consultant who played a key role in Bill Clinton’s successful 1996 re-election bid for president, is coming to Twin Falls.

Morris, who has reinvented himself as a nonpartisan commentator on Fox News, will speak at the annual Lincoln Day Celebration on Feb. 12 in Twin Falls. The Twin Falls Republican Central Committee and Twin Falls Republican Woman are organizing the event, continuing a practice of attracting prominent speakers to the banquet.

Last year, Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, was the keynote speaker.

“(Morris) kind of appeals to both Democrats and Republicans, and I just thought he would be great and he could reach a lot of different people,” said Mya Goodman, this year’s event chairwoman.

Goodman added: “He just kind of looks at politics and calls it how he sees it.”

Ronald Reagan won’t be overlooked at this year’s celebration. The late Republican president would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year, and will be remembered at Lincoln Day.

Aside from Morris’ work on Clinton’s campaign, he also worked in winning campaigns for more than 30 senators or governors.

Morris now makes 400-plus appearances each year on Fox News.

His work extends to other media, too. He writes a weekly column and in 1999 founded Vote.com, a website that polls people on their opinions and then passes the results on to policymakers.

Morris also wrote books such as a 1997 memoir about the Bill Clinton years called “Behind the Oval Office, Winning the Presidency in the Nineties.”

More recently, Morris has written “Fleeced”and “Catastrophe,”both focused on current national and international issues.

Ben Botkin may be reached at bbotkin@magicvalley.com.

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