TWIN FALLS • Seven jumpers have applied for permission from the city of Twin Falls to recreate Evel Knievel’s famous 1974 Snake River Canyon jump.

Responding to the city’s request for qualifications to recreate the jump from the same mound of dirt Knievel used — now annexed into the city — are two newcomers and the same five who attended a September state lease auction for a landing site.

Now in the mix are Samantha Chapman with ABC News and Michael “Mad Mike” Hughes, according to a Friday city release.

Hughes’ website labels him as the “World’s Most Famous Limo Driver and Jumper.” The daredevil claims to have built a rocket similar to Knievel’s that has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Twin Falls BASEjumper Miles Daisher and the Twin Falls-based team of Scott Record and Scott Truax applied.

Also applying are:

• Big Ed Beckley, Beckley Media, LLC

• Scott Smith, Adrenaline Nation

• Brad Kuhlman, Ping Pong Productions

In September, Beckley paid nearly $1 million to secure the lease to the 1,147-acre landing site on the north side of the canyon, but that lease stipulates he must also have the needed permits from the city of Twin Falls if he chooses to use the same mound of dirt Knievel did on the opposite side of the canyon.

After Beckley won the state Department of Lands auction, city officials said they would not simply hand over a jump permit on the launch site to the highest bidder. The city opened its permitting process to everyone — including those without the landing rights — seeking to recreate the stunt.

Friday’s announcement precedes a Nov. 21 meeting in which those applicants will pitch their ideas to the Twin Falls City Council and the public, said city spokesman Joshua Palmer. The meeting will be at 4 p.m. at Vera C. O’Leary Middle School auditorium. At that meeting, applicants will be given the opportunity to make a 15-minute presentation to the Twin Falls City Council regarding their proposals to jump the canyon and will be asked to stand for questions after their presentations.

The meeting is intended to gather information. No decision will be made there.

Since the city stopped accepting applications for the jump in early October, Palmer said staff has been reviewing the materials jumpers submitted. The city has not brought in a consultant or any outside help for the evaluations, he said.

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