TWIN FALLS • A Twin Falls man accused of stabbing another man to death will face a trial.

Twin Falls County Magistrate Judge Roger Harris ruled prosecutors have enough evidence against Cayde Lish to proceed to a trial after a preliminary hearing Friday in a crowded courtroom.

Cayde Lish was charged with voluntary manslaughter for the death of 24-year-old Jerimiah Paiz. Police say Lish, 21, stabbed Paiz following a verbal altercation outside Canyon Crest Dining and Event Center on Oct. 6.

Ada County deputy prosecutors Kai Wittwer and George Gunn have been appointed to the case. Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs said too many people in his office had a connection to Lish, Paiz or their families.

“We got Ada County to do it because they’re completely removed and unbiased,” he said.

At Friday’s hearing, several witnesses testified to what they believed happened that night.

Paiz’s girlfriend, Kayla Webb, alleged that during a verbal altercation, Lish used a racial slur against Paiz that led to the physical altercation.

Webb testified the two fought for about a minute to a minute and a half. During the fight, Paiz had Lish in a headlock, she said. Lish’s head was near Paiz’s abdomen and Lish was hitting Paiz in the back, she testified.

Then, the two stood up and Webb said Lish told Paiz he was bleeding, but Paiz thought it was Lish’s blood.

“(Paiz) said ‘you got me good,’” Webb said. Then, Lish ran from the scene, she said.

Twin Falls Police Officer Samir Smriko was the first to arrive at Canyon Crest. When he arrived, Smriko said Paiz was lying face-down on the ground. After finding a pulse, Smriko described how he applied pressure to several puncture wounds on Paiz’s back.

“I could not put pressure on all the holes,” he said. “There were too many.”

Medical personnel arrived and Smriko applied chest compressions as another emergency worker breathed for Paiz. Smriko said he continued to apply chest compressions in the ambulance as they traveled to St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center.

Twin Falls County Coroner Dennis Chambers testified Paiz died from his stab wounds. Paiz was stabbed 13 times in the back and once in an arm, he said. Two of the stab wounds entered a lung, he said.

Several officers were dispatched to help find Lish. He was eventually located in a trailer home at 350 Grandview Drive, testified Twin Falls Police Officer Kevin Loosli.

During an interview, Loosli testified, Lish said he was outside Canyon Crest when someone started talking “crap” to him. Lish said he was punched, kicked and hit, including a hit in the eye, and believed several people joined the fight, Loosli said.

At that point, Loosli said, Lish said he remembered he had a pocket knife and told the person beating him that he would “stick” them if they didn’t stop.

Loosli testified that Lish was entirely cooperative during their talk. Officer Benjamin Mittelstadt also testified Lish was cooperative during questioning and he told Lish he believed he was being honest with him.

Lish is scheduled to be arraigned into district court on Dec. 17.

Editor’s note: Some previous stories included the wrong date for the alleged stabbing. The correct date is Oct. 6.

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white man stabs a mexican and he is still going to court .....if it was a mexican he would already be in prison for life... tell me that this isnt b.s.


Because the "Mexican" pulled him out of a car, and started assaulting him. Not only was he the aggressor, but also he had the defendant locked down in a headlock. You can't be drunk and pulling people out of cars, and not expect someone to defend himself. I'll tell you whats BS. WHATS BS IS THAT YOUR PAINTING JD LIKE HES SOME KIND OF INNOCENT SAINT.



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